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Use on farm equipment, garden tools, cars, trucks or live stock equipment. Rust Kutter is a safe and effective solution. Stops costly rust and corrosion Binds itself to the metal and prevents moisture and oxygen from attacking the metal surface After working on cars or in other dirty situations taking a few minutes at the end to clean tools will greatly improve their chances of remaining rust free. Dawn recommends mixing a teaspoon of soap to one gallon of water and using a sponge or towel to easily wipe away grease and dirt. Dissolves & cleans off rust and bore water stains; Ranex Rustbuster converts rust from a detrimental oxide to a beneficial phosphate of iron. Used as a cleaner and stain remover, Ranex Rustbuster cleans, dissolves and eliminates rust spots, chemically destroying any rust present and leaving the surface in a suitable condition for painting. Rust converters provide a protective coating to your auto paints and other parts of your car. It’s a good rust remedy and is part of an automotive service called rustproofing. This service comes hand in hand with undercoating. Both services defend your car from damages caused corrosion and salt on the road during winter time.