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[MMD]Majima Goro. This is a fan MMD of "Yakuza" This is a compilation of my MMD era! Now that there is SFM, the role of this model is over. But this will be one of the models to entertain you in the MMD world. This model is distributed at the following locations: http...Read: Model: Window 100%SeeU by Mamama-P download:Click in 4shared Win100% SeeU the download link should popped out Motion I was too early on my last video x3 CREDITS: (( I only made the Camera Data! )) Model: SeeU - 3D Modeling: Mamama-P - Windows 100% Magazine S..Abonnera för att ladda ner Vocaloid - SeeU - Gwiyomi Song - MMD.MMD Coat DL by UnluckyCandyFox on DeviantArt. ~RULES~ Edit - Yes Retexture - Yes Don't commercial use Formats - PMD - √ ... [MMD] Witch Hat [Download Stuff] by Wt-Jok on DeviantArt. Edit and Distribution if you want Please credit me and comment if you download...