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ESXi Passthrough not activating. Thread starter TCM. Start date Apr 17, 2012. I have a few X9 systems I'm making ESXi 5 machines out of. Seems like the released boards have plenty of issues.Sep 01, 2011 · Hello! I run a Pentium 4 540 3.2 GHz under Win 7. I would like to disable HT since all my work revolves around a single threaded app. The problem is that in BIOS there is no such option. Is there another way to disable it? وقتی هم که Hyper-Threading را به حالت Disable در میارم هیچ تغییری در میزان مصرف و همچنین نمایش فرکانس ایجاد نمیشه . سوال:برای فعال کردن Hyper-Threading در ESXi چه کاری باید انجام داد؟ Vmware Os - ... Vmware Os