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Iterate over the nodes in that linked list, checking for the key. If the key is in the linked list, replace the value currently associated with the key with the new value; otherwise, create a new node with the specified key and value and insert it at the beginning of the linked list. Implementation. is a full implementation. It uses ... A linear linked list illustration: Example. Let us now develop a C program to manipulate linked lists. For this purpose we introduce a few basic functions, which can be used to create a list, displaying its contents, inserting into a list and deleting an existing element. Nov 28, 2009 · So, if I passed a string that contains 3 lines overall, the linked list will contain 3 nodes containing only the last line of the string passed. I know my solution lies with pre-allocating memory, but I'm not exactly sure how I can do this. Program of Inserting a number in a sorted linked list; Program to insert, update, delete and display in an index file ; Perform insert, delete, merge and delete multiple occurrences of a number from an array; Function for deleting an item from linked list; Program to illustrate self-referential structures "Linked List"